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Who we are

As Sensual Teams, our desire was to create a platform where the interaction between your favorite artist and you, was made possible. Through the learning and performing of professional choreographies you will not only take your dance to the next level and gain recognition, but feel like a professional yourself.

Choose your favorite artist, and may the dancing begin!

Our artists

Bachata Lady Styling

Kike Utrera

Bachata Man Styling

Berra & Laura

Bachata Sensual

Pablo & Raquel

Bachata Sensual

Pablo Pérez

Bachata Man Styling

Korke & Judith

Bachata Sensual

Bachata Lady Styling

Full Project

Salsa Footwork

Kike & Nahir

Bachata Sensual

Korke & Judith

Bachata Sensual

Laura López

Bachata Lady Styling

Pamela Llona

Bachata Lady Styling


What our Coaches say

This is our fourth time in a row being a part of Sensual Teams representing Korke and Judith and the second year in a row representing Judith's Lady Style Team.
We have many Bachata Sensual classes in our school, and Sensual Teams has been a perfect way of improving our deeper learning of Bachata Sensual, improving technique, personal style and stage presence.
Sensual Teams is for us and our students a growth opportunity and the great opportunity to dance together with the creators of this style, the possibility of sharing and enjoying the same passion dancing together with couples from all over the world, a great emotion.

Sensual Teams is a very important publicity for our school and for the style that we love to teach.
Mauro & Barbara
Torino Korke & Judith Team
To us, having a Sensual Teams means union, learning, hard work and satisfaction.
A very special bond is created with the members of the team and they live it as a unique experience where they can share their talent with the world. For us, seeing how they represent the choreography is an incredible satisfaction and a great personal learning experience.
It's a unique experience that we believe every single teacher with the correct education should try. We recommend it 100%.

This experience has been TOP! Everything from representing artists we love to coaching a Sensual Team. We are IN LOVE with you! ❤️
Pedro y Noe
Galicia Berra & Laura Team

steps to follow

Become part of the family!

Being part of a Team is a whole experience in itself. It’s not only about improving your dance but also about hard work, pushing your limits and learning from your favourites in a special and different way. 

Challenge yourself to feel the Sensual Teams spirit!


Learn the best choreographies

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  4. Get your professional costumes
  5. Start performing!

All this being part of the biggest family in the dance world.


Sensual Teams annual Meeting

Once a year there will be a meeting at the prestigious Bachata Sensual World Congress (BSWC) event in Barcelona.

sensual teams world meeting season 2019-2020-2021

7-10 January




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