We are proud to know we offer the most updated choreographies for dancers
who desire to reach the next level.

We challenge you to discover this new season’s choreography.

Do you accept the challenge?

What is the meaning of representing Sensual Teams?


The choreography is recorded in three ways, one with the counting, one with the explanation of all movements and one last one with music. The attitude, stage presence and body lines will all be worked on as the most important bases of all our choreographies.


You will be the representative of your favorite artist in your area. Becoming a reference of his/her style and gaining authority in your city.


Stage presence is super important, and as we know, we have created the same clothes that artists wear exclusively for our Teams. Plus custom t-shirts. You’ll just have to worry about dancing and enjoying.


We want to make sure you can do your best on stage and take your dance to the next level. That’s why we include specific training for our choreographies.


In addition to the annual meeting with all the Sensual Teams you can dance with the artists whenever you coincide in a festival and it is possible.

Wanting more authority?

Represent your favorite artists around the world



Here we solve some of the most frequent questions. Remember that if your doubt is not here you can contact us via email or WhatsApp, we respond quickly. 😉

Yes, you will learn the basic and complex technique of the artists of your team. In order to learn the movements from the choreography, you will have to comprehend the technique, teaching with the same methodology as the artists do in their regular classes.

No. In order to lead a team you only need the desire to learn and a minimum of dancing skills, put together a group and start dancing!

How much you charge your students is completely up to you. We give you the freedom to charge the amount you deem necessary, considering your city and requests.

No. There is no minimum or maximum of people required.

You can wait a few weeks to make sure you have enough people to form it, your spot will be reserved until someone else is interested.

Yes. Sensual Teams will design an exclusive flyer that you will have and also, it will be posted as stories in the Sensual Teams social media platforms.

You will be able to perform as times as you want, wherever, whenever, in addition each year there will be a global reunion with all of the teams of each artist. In addition to this, if you and your team meet at a festival together with the artists, you will have the opportunity to perform with them, as long as they have availability.

Yes. You will have to contact the artist and ask about his/her availability.

We design the clothes and costumes with the artists so that you don’t have to worry about it. You’ll be able to purchase everything very comfortably through our private store.

Yes. In Sensual Teams we reward fidelity, that is why you will have a discount for staying with us.